Clara notg de Nadal! (RAETO-ROMANCE)

Clara notg de Nadal!
Giu dal tron celestial
eis vegnius, affon divin,
in pursepsen, o car bambin,
has per tgina vuliu,
has per tgina vuliu!

Biala notg de Nadal!
Bethlehem aud’ual
aunghels gloria Diu cantar,
ils pasturs van per mirar
il Salvader dil mund,
il Salvader dil mund.

Sontga notg de Nadal!
Fegl de Diu immortal
eis per nus vegnius carstgaun.
Christus, tonschas a nus il maun
gidas enta parvis,
gidas enta parvis.

Bright Christmas night!
down from the heavenly throne
Came you, divine child,
and a manger, dear child,
you chose as your cradle,
you chose as your cradle!

Beautiful Christmas night!
Bethlehem is listening,
as angels are praising God in songs,
the shepherds hurry there to see
the Savior of the world,
the Savior of the world!

Holy Christmas night!
God's immortal son
has become flesh for us.
Christ, you hold out your hand
To guide us into paradise,
To guide us into paradise.

Submitted by: Alexander Krischnig

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