Quieta nott, soncha nott! (LADIN)

1. Quieta nott, soncha nott!
Quiet il mond, dorma tot,
be il nöbel sonchissem për
sta in dutsch ineffabel pisèr
pel sonchissem infant,
pel sonchissem infant.

2. Quieta nott, soncha nott!
Co sunnan da per tot
bè dels Aungels Alleluja
ans annunzian l’argrezia:
Il Messias ais qua!
Il Messias ais qua!

3. Quieta nott, soncha nott!
Figl da Dieu, noss cuffort,
pasch al mond vosch accordar,
sprendraschun qua operar:
Jesus, o nossa salüd!
Jesus, o nossa salüd!

1. Silent night, holy night!
The world is calm, all is sleeping,
only the noble couple, holy couple
is watching with concern
the holiest child,
the holiest child.

2. Silent night, holy night!
Bells are ringing everywhere,
but only the angels' Halleluja
is announcing the good news:
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!

3. Silent night, holy night!
Son of God, our comfort,
may you bring peace to the world,
and may you reign here:
Jesus, our Redeemer!
Jesus, our Redeemer!

Submitted by: Alexander Krischnig

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