Jaidą meshada (HALLON)

Jaidą meshada, sure meshada,
Orą gorn, ora pleshada,
Lumat Gerat mo Felashem.
Rulat on Mevil em Betlehem:
Urieb'em biogą,
Urieb'em bioga.

Jaidą meshada, shą em nedara,
Usivilt dalus suvara.
Omashira dos reshadu ushe,
Vemashu Shut ji dos sharule;
Rulat Christ piol Ną;
Rulat Christ piol Ną.

Jaidą meshada, sure meshada,
Vuma Shut, dalai reshada.
Usem rufa valun sure voga,
Tosam u nom są vofą shaloga.
Jesus, shim piol'Evą;
Jesus, shim piol'Eva.

Literal translation:

Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round the Child and the Virgin.
The Lord is an Infant in Bethlehem.
Sleep in peace,
Sleep in peace.

Silent night, in the midst of which
The shepherds are struck with fear.
Angels light up the sky
Singing to the glory of God.
The Lord Christ is born,
The Lord Christ is born.

Silent night, holy night,
Son of God, the true Light
Shining with love from the holy face,
Dawn for mankind of that saving grace.
Jesus, when You were born,
Jesus, when You were born.

1. Final -a is not pronounced unless marked ą.
2. Final -e is always pronounced.
3. The initial G of "Gerat" is pronounced as H, the word does not sound like
German "Gerät".

More on the language at http://www.geocities.com/paulvstownsend/hallon

Submitted by: Paul Townsend 

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